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Amanda Gordon, director of Armchair Psychology Practice, is often in the media. She found her radio voice in the 1980s, speaking on behalf of the Queensland branch of the Australian Psychological Society during the International Year of the Family.

Since then, she has become an established name in Australia.

She is frequently heard on radio programmes around the nation, commenting on issues of public importance, giving advice on managing traumatic situations such as tsunamis, bushfires and floods, or responding to ‘talkback’.

She spent 11 years as the Psychologist on ABC Late Nights.

Print journalists also often seek comment from Amanda, and she has from time to time written opinion pieces for newspapers. Over the years, Amanda has been ‘Ask Amanda” for New Woman magazine, responded to readers questions in the Daily Telegraph and Good Medicine magazine.

Amanda Gordon has also been a regular commentator on psychological issues for television news and current affairs, and has been regularly invited onto Sunrise, Today Tonight, A Current Affair and various morning programmes.

For seven years, Amanda Gordon was spokesperson for the Australian Psychological Society. Her comments since the end of her Presidency in 2008 have represented only her own opinions. Those are consistent, however, with APS policy.

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